Career and College Planning

We Help Students Prepare for Their Future

The entire planning process for a post–high school career, whether that includes college or not, is especially critical for a student who has struggled in the past. We help Insight students plan for a future they can attain and feel good about, which helps motivate them in their current studies.

It's important to note that our students work collaboratively and gain valuable 21st–century skills to better prepare for college and a career in our increasingly digital world.

Virtual classroom sessions include one-to-one student-teacher meetings and live instructional sessions. Insight combines state–of–the–art online teaching techniques with experienced state–certified teachers to prepare students for post–graduation success.

Our program offers impressive resources for college and career planning.

Guidance From Career and College Planning Experts

In addition to college and career planning and support tools, students also benefit from one–to–one support from experienced Academic Counselors:

  • Academic Counselors guide students to important planning resources
  • Career and college goals are tracked by Academic Counselors as part of the Individualized Learning Plan—including colleges targeted, scholarships, and career aspirations

A Focus on Career Planning

Whether students aspire to attend a four–year college after high school or are focused on a more immediate work path, we offer the right tools to help them evaluate their own strengths and interests and explore career directions that are both satisfying and rewarding.

Students use resources to learn about themselves, discover career interests, and plan for future career success. They will:

  • Learn about financial aid options
  • Learn how to prepare for a job interview and write a resume
  • Set both short- and long-term education goals to match career interests
  • Learn how to be successful on the job

We believe that with this kind of personalized guidance and support, we can help students achieve their dreams and succeed.

Insight School of Ohio’s Career Advising Policy

Now more than ever, students need to see a connections between what they are learning in the classroom and their future careers. Beginning the 2015–2016 school year, Ohio law requires all districts to adopt a local policy on career advising.

Experts generally describe career advising as an integrated process that helps students understand how their personal interests, strengths and values might predict satisfaction and success in school and related career fields, as well as how to tie these interests and strengths to their academic and career goals. Ohio students must have access to a comprehensive menu of resources and support to prepare for their future success. Through relevant classroom instruction, career-related learning experiences, and consistent counseling and advising, students can discover their interests and explore academic and career pathway options.

This policy on career advising is reviewed at least once every two years and made available to students, parents, guardians and custodians, local post-secondary institutions and district residents. This policy is on the district’s website.

The district’s plan for career advising includes the following:

  1. Grade-level examples that link students’ schoolwork to one or more career fields by implementing the Career Connections Learning Strategies offered by the Ohio Department of Education.
    1. In addition to providing student-friendly standards as targets for live class sessions, teachers will attempt to connect content per unit to current career fields.
    2. The Wolf Dens will offer many opportunities to link schoolwork to one or more career fields. 
    3. The College and Career Counselor will lead classroom guidance lessons in middle school classes on a quarterly basis. These lessons will utilize ODE’s Career Connections as well as the Ohio Means Jobs website.
  2. Career advising to students in grades 6-12, which includes:
    1. Provide monthly small/large group sessions that are optional for students and families to attend on topics such as Resume Building, College Credit Plus, Job Skills, Scholarship info, etc.; as well as a place to answer any college/career related questions.
      1. These sessions will be recorded and stored on the website for future viewing.
    2. A monthly College and Career newsletter distributed to all students on various topics such as college applications, interview tips, scholarship info., etc. 
    3. Students will create an Ohio Means Jobs account, complete a Career Inventory, and create their career backpack as part of their onboarding requirements.
    4. All students grade 9–12 will receive a personalized Grad Plan via e-mail twice per year. This will reflect current credits and credits needed to graduate. This e-mail will be sent along with a link to a recording which explains in detail what credits mean and how each student will reach the required credits necessary for graduation.
  3. Additional intervention and career advising for students who are identified as at risk of dropping out of school. These include:
    1. Identifying students who are At-Risk based on past and current performance.
    2. Identification using the FAST (Family Academic Support Team) program and seniors who are outside of their graduation cohort year.
    3. Incorporating a Student Success Plan into the Back on Track Plan for each at-risk student that addresses both the student’s academic and career pathway to successful graduation and the role of career-technical education, competency-based education and experiential learning, when appropriate.
      1. Every attempt will be made to include the student and family in the process. If unable/unwilling to attend support sessions and meetings, a graduation plan will be developed for the student and provided to him/her.
  4. Training for employees on how to advise students on career pathways, including use of the tools available in Ohio Means Jobs.
    1. Counselors will be working with this tool when reviewing students’ records, schedules, and career inventory results upon enrollment.
    2. Advisors and Teachers will be directing students during onboarding and in class sessions to this website to assist in developing and understanding their goals.
    3. All staff working with students grade 6–12 will be trained on the use of and other career advising tools per state guidelines.
    4. All staff working with students in grades 6–12 will be educated on Ohio’s new graduation pathways.
  5. Multiple academic and career pathways through high school that students may choose to earn a high school diploma, including opportunities to attend local Vocational/Technical schools, and participate in the College Credit Plus Program for post-secondary credit.
    1. All staff working with students in grades 6–12 will be educated on Graduation Pathways and CCP.
    2. Provide multiple optional small/large group sessions for students and families to attend regarding the academic and career pathways.
      1. These sessions will be recorded and kept on the school website.
  6. Documentation on career advising for each student and student’s family to review, as well as schools that the student may attend in the future. This includes activities that support the student’s academic, career and social/emotional development; such as those saved to a student’s OhioMeansJobs K–12 Backpack.
    1. All documentation will be housed in TotalView notes (ISOH’s online information system). 
    2. Student’s “backpacks” will be kept on the OhioMeansJobs website.
  7. The supports necessary for students to transition successfully from high school to their postsecondary destinations, including interventions and services necessary for students who need remediation in mathematics and English language arts.
    1. Interventions and services for at-risk students are provided through the FAST process and creation of a Success Plan and Back on Track Plan.

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