Our Teachers

Certified Teachers Make the Most of Each Student's Experience

Teachers at Insight manage all facets of the instructional experience. In middle school, the teacher assigned to your student establishes the Individualized Learning Plan, monitors progress, provides targeted intervention when needed, answers questions, and monitors attendance.

Unlike a traditional school, our teachers do most of this work remotely rather than in the classroom. In grades 6–8, teachers communicate with both parents and students on a regular basis through various methods such as e–mail, phone, one–to–one online meetings, and live "ClassConnect" sessions.

As your child progresses, the teacher remains involved to monitor progress, ensure mastery, and develop a specific intervention plan if he or she is struggling with a concept. These difficulties are identified by assessments that come at the end of every lesson and unit, by the regular progress testing proscribed at the beginning of the year, and through direct check–ins between parent, student, and teacher.

By high school, more instruction happens through real–time "ClassConnect" online sessions and extra sessions are offered, as needed, one–to–one and in small group online sessions to help students work through difficult topics. High school teachers are all subject–matter experts and are available to help with coursework and answer questions online, over the phone, and by posting information and advice for all students in the "Teacher's Office" threaded discussion board.


Contact a Teacher or Administrator:

Amanda Conley, Head of School aconley@insightoh.org
Amanda Chapdelaine, Academic Administrator achapdelaine@insightoh.org 
Aisha Esfahani, Assistant Academic Administrator, aesfahani@insightoh.org
Louise Cowell, Operations Manager locowell@insightoh.org                           
Adam Fox, Interim Special Program Manager adfox@k12.com                      
Jennifer Thill, FAST Administrator jthill@insightoh.org                                   
Angie Day, Title 1 Coordinator anday@insightoh.org

Office Staff                                                                                                   
Patricia Favors, Administrative Assistant pfavors@insightoh.org 
Scott Geyer, EMIS Coordinator sgeyer@insightoh.org
Carla Preston, Guidance Counselor Registrar cpreston@insightoh.org
Kathryn Redd, Special Programs Registrar karedd@insightoh.org
Barbie Ricketts, General Education Registrar bricketts@insightoh.org

Family & Academic Support Team 

Jennifer Thill, FAST Administrator jthill@insightoh.org
Dan Recker, Family Compliance Liaison drecker@insightoh.org
Robin Plate, Family Engagement Coordinatorand Homeless Liaison rplate@insightoh.org
Jordan Brown, Guidance Counselor, jbrown@insightoh.org
Jessica Yeager, Guidance Counselor jyeager@insightoh.org
Norman Cattell, Academic Advisor ncattell@insightoh.org
Sarah Estep, Academic Advisor sestep@insightoh.org
Jamica Harper, Academic Advisor jaharper@insightoh.org
Karen Recker, Academic Advisor krecker@insightoh.org
Katie Recker Guldner, Academic Advisor karecker@insightoh.org
Jessica Thomas, Academic Advisor jethomas@insightoh.org
Matthew Beck, Family Success Liaison mbeck@insightoh.org
Sherrell Davis, Family Success Liaison sdavis@insightoh.org
Danielle Gallegos, Family Success Liaison dagallegos@insightoh.org
Pam Landis, Family Success Liaison palandis@insightoh.org
Michael McDonald, Family Success Liaison mmcdonald@insightoh.org
Margaret Novak, Family Success Liaison manovak@insightoh.org

Response to Intervention
Angie Day, Title 1 Coordinator anday@insightoh.org
Aisha Esfahani, Instructional Support aiesfahani@insightoh.org
Samantha McConnaughey, Instructional Support smcconaughey@insightoh.org
Rhonda Renker, Instructional Support rrenker@insightoh.org
Remi Smith, Instructional Support rsmith@insightoh.org
Laura Boes, Instructional Support laboes@insightoh.org

Special Education 
Candace Stevens, Academic Advisor cstevens@insightoh.org
Donna Gilcher, Transition Coordinator dglicher@insightoh.org
Angela Benedict, Intervention Specialist, abenedict@insightoh.org
Wendy Blair-Myers, Intervention Specialist wblairmyers@insightoh.org
Julie Brewer, Intervention Specialist jbrewer@insightoh.org
Suzanne Bush, Intervention Specialist sbush@insightoh.org
Eric Germann, Intervention Specialist egermann@insightoh.org
Sangue Hales, Intervention Specialist shales@insightoh.org
Jocelyn Harper, Intervention Specialist joharper@insightoh.org
Carrie Johnston, Intervention Specialist cjohnston@insightoh.org
Megan Miller, Intervention Specialist megmiller@insightoh.org
Ashley Nicholson, Intervention Specialist anicholson@insightoh.org
Barabara Picklesimer, Intervention Specialist bpicklesimer@insightoh.org
Michelle Sanders, Intervention Specialist micsanders@insightoh.org
Timothy Schmid, Intervention Specialist tschmid@insightoh.org
Jessica Warnecke, Intervention Specialist jwarnecke@insightoh.org
Shanna Wayble, Intervention Specialist swayble@insightoh.org
Rachel Wright, Intervention Specialist rwright@insightoh.org

General Education
Dan Arman, English Language Arts darman@insightoh.org
Colleen Duncan, English Language Arts cduncan@insightoh.org
Erin Gibbons, English Language Arts egibbons@insightoh.org
Crystal Hatcher, English Language Arts chatcher@insightoh.org
Amanda Marasco, English Language Arts amarasco@insightoh.org
Wayne Moore, English Language Arts wmoore@insightoh.org
Sarah Murrell, English Language Arts smurrell@insightoh.org
Stacey Urbas, English Language Arts surbas@insightoh.org
Danielle Bornhorst, Mathematics dbornhorst@insightoh.org
Doug Csikos, Mathematics dcsikos@insightoh.org
Terri Fenner, Mathematics tfenner@insightoh.org
Shannon Flood, Mathematics sflood@insightoh.org
Wendie Hartman, Mathematics whartman@insightoh.org
Diane Harris, Mathematics diaharris@insightoh.org
Adam Martinez, Mathematics amartinez@insightoh.org
Colleen Meier, Mathematics cmeier@insightoh.org
Regina Parks, Mathematics rparks@insightoh.org
Jeremy Hunter, Science jhunter@insightoh.org
Patrick Gioffre, Science pgioffre@insightoh.org
Mindy Grude, Science mgrude@insightoh.org
Michael Gunder, Science mgunder@insightoh.org
Chelsea Ryder, Science cryder@insightoh.org
Wesley Bean, History wbean@insightoh.org
Dennis Greer, History dgreer@insightoh.org
Whitney Reynolds, History wreynolds@insightoh.org
Tressa Russo, History trusso@insightoh.org
Amanda Strater, History astrater@insightoh.org
Suzanne Levering, Business and Technology slevering@insightoh.org
Erica Trapp, Visual Arts etrapp@insightoh.org
Marla Terrell, Health and Physical Education mterrell@insightoh.org